Superbowl Catering Package. 

We at Defiant want to make your Superbowl Sunday even better... so we are offering our delicious BBQ in catering packages to-go. The different options are listed below. Please fill out the form with all the requested info. We have 5 separate pickup times. If you do not pickup your order within 20 minutes of chosen time slot, the food may be sold to another individual. If there are any specific requests, please notate in the "additional details" box. Payment for order will be in person. Cash Only. All orders must be in no later than Friday @ 6pm. 

Catering Package #1- 
$98: 50 wings, 2 lbs pulled pork, 2 growlers of beer

Catering Package #2
$98: 45 wings, 2LB pulled pork, 1 rack of ribs, 1 growler of beer

Catering Package #3:
$55 35 wings, 1 LB pulled pork, 1 growler of beer

Catering Package #4:
$55: 35 wings, 1lb pulled pork, 1/2 rack of ribs

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